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The United States academic requirement for qualification examination of the Confucius institute of Chinese teachers departure

According to people's Daily reported that, according to the United States State Department May 17th announcement, the announcement said: at present, the United States State Department review of Confucius Institute scholarship ... ... Confucius Institute must apply for the United States of America certification, can in the University teaching. At present, in the country to hold J - 1visa Confucius College Chinese teachers will have to leave in June 30th.

" The United States of America higher education news" website on 21carries civil say, this instruction will disrupt the Confucius College Teaching activities. The 23day, Confucius Institute headquarters responsible person to the United States" the chronicle of higher education" magazine reporter, on notice about the United States Department of state review of Confucius Institute certification statement expressed concern.

It is reported, J - 1visa is a non-immigrant visa to the United States in the United States, issued to the approval of the State Council." The exchange visitor program " of various types of expatriates. The reporter understands, at the beginning of this year, the United States government ever to hold J - 1visa personnel to conduct a survey.

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