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The name change name yibin airport project approval

23 days of news comment, Sichuan Yibin city held a news conference, Xie Jie of Yibin city deputy mayor says, May 14th, Sichuan province government about" Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye airport construction project" project approving request via the State Council issued a formal approval of project, the Yibin airport will be from the city of Yibin District food of moved to Yibin city 11 km northwest of Ping zone in the field township to build, and was named" Yibin Wuliangye airport".

Moving the airport changed its name was approved

For the airport to" why Wuliangye" corporate naming, Yibin municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department staff said, moving the airport and renamed, after the approval of project, will drive whole Yibin economy more the last new step.

The staff also said, Sichuan Yibin Wuliangye company named airport, absolutely is the first company to company named" Moutai airport, Guizhou airport", also will be in construction this year.

" The airport also named financing the construction way"

In this regard, China Civil Airports Association relevant person in charge said yesterday, Chinese civil aviaton airport not enough quantity, although each year there will be20000000000 Yuan to build fund boosts development of civil aviation, but many places to build the airport still need to raise money themselves, if can obtain the approval of the competent authorities through, by naming the way some local enterprises as shareholders or investors to provide funds, also is a kind of way.

The responsible person, for example, Moutai airport financing in Guizhou province by the government as a whole, Moutai distillery, Zunyi city hall, Renhuai city hall building, among them, Renhuai city hall, Moutai group company the first advance2000000 yuan to carry out preparatory work.

The new airport project budgetary estimate to be 1176000000

However, the responsible person, in the world, with the enterprise named airport is not common, usually in the name of a person or place mainly. It is understood, now Yibin dishes dam airport is the airport for civil use, has in 1991,1993for the two time extension, due to development has many limitations, the airport itself has no extension ability. Yibin Wuliangye airport project budgetary estimate is 1176000000 yuan,4435 acres of land for construction, expected for the construction period of 3years, build to 2020.

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