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Changsha traffic police very busy, won the "kick ball advanced unit" title

" The woman with the traffic police brigade kick the ball advanced unit banners" reported: Changsha netizen "Xiaoxiang snow", because the motoring, driver's license by the traffic police detained. After running for four Squadron, before and after the run eight times, spending10 Yu Tian time to get a driver's license. Thanks for the traffic police to play with, and" kick the ball advanced unit" banners to Changsha, a traffic police brigade.

Read this news, imagine that a servant of the people love people, love people public servant people talk. Know the state organs work efficiency the long delay for a long time. Such as the author prefers to stay dead feel shy to say subjects, is a provincial-level units to send what courage side banners. Read " Xiaoxiang snow sending flag" feat, warm heart, also counted as thousands of civilians out of a wet gas.

Back then, the traffic police has the very not easy. At present fashionable transposition thinking, place oneself in others' position as the police think. The very busy Changsha traffic police, for 9 consecutive days does not do this matter, has the potential to do?

Changsha traffic busy, very busy one, Shangjie shoe go free. In fact, the official shoe that is compulsory, is purely coincidental, as his commentary written in licking Dingyan as nonsense. Because civil servants not only paid, also occupy the public service time. Tell us your opinion, this official sally forth in full strength to the people, act up. Also may not be worried to death? Don't say running 8 times, running 16 times are not strange ah?

Traffic busy may two, possibly as "pig grows ", through the two pulse to Ren and du. The latest news, like practicing Ren and Du two Mai Office official, in vivo has been the sound of water and sand. Think through, both on the Ren and Du two Mai so persistent health director, heal the wounded and rescue the dying, what ah, what medicine be ah, what."" Oh, will all be finished. Conversion to the traffic police, you people run the four Squadron, running 8 times, running for 10 days. Say people are being opened up Ren and Du two Mai? You are in a hurry and have what use?

Besides, a plurality of current fashion. Not all Magezha yamen", each person, the temple of the buddha". The Changsha characteristic, want to also do not necessarily have to get through the Shangjie shoe, Ren and Du two mai. Just don't bother what way, always reach the same goal by different routes. The shuffle, play indefinitely delay for a long time, nature, there is no two to!!! Of course, people there are exceptions, such as their" internal", or with their rich interpersonal Gouji "quasi interior". Beyond the law system of commit crimes in violation of the law, are to be popular. Do you not see Shanxi Hejin that changed 11 times experience, the primary school as bachelor's degree of official, still have a successful official career!!!

After all is said and done, Changsha netizen "Xiaoxiang snow" send traffic police brigade" kick the ball advanced unit" banners, finally fish love; and this very busy Changsha traffic police, was awarded the" advanced unit can play the ball" banner, was well deserved.

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