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A new car and old change new countryside will start

At the end of 2010the car to the countryside and TM two subsidy policy in 2012 will continue.

Yesterday, the Shanghai securities news was informed, the relevant departments of the state will introduce the car to the countryside, with old change new policies to stimulate consumption, and will be announced.

In the economic down under pressure, steady growth began to" reuse" industrial policy. While the auto consumption deal will also be in promoting domestic demand consumption contributes force.

" From the beginning of last year has been a car to the countryside policy will continue to perform the rumor. From this year the actual car sales, automobile consumption of old people enthusiasm is not high. The automotive industry for stimulating domestic demand is very significant role; in addition, the country is advancing industrial transfer to the Midwest, including the majority of the rural market development needs policy to boost." National Passenger Car Association Deputy Secretary-General Cui Dongshu told reporters.

It is reported, this year will be the implementation of the "car to the countryside" policy, is mainly to promote the 1.3L displacement following mini-car enter the rural market. " To give farmer car buying10% of the price of the highest economic subsidy, allowance RMB 5000 yuan per car." Personage of know the inside story that revealed to our reporter.

Car to the countryside is according to the State Council in January 14, 2009announced the" automobile industry adjustment and revitalization planning" proposed a benefit farming policy, from the beginning of 2009 to the end of2010, the state invested 5000000000 yuan to farmers discard tricycles and low-speed truck redemption of light trucks and the purchase of1.3liters following displacements of mini bus, to give a one-time subsidies. During the implementation of policy, a conservative estimate pull car consumption exceeds billion yuan.

Car replacement policy for the first time in 2009June launched, set at that time, advance scrapped car and buy a new car, can enjoy30006000yuan subsidies. Data shows,2010 1to November, countrywide processing car trade-in allowance, nearly 347000 vehicles, extend allowance fund 4970000000 yuan,38200000000 yuan to pull the new consumer.

" Judging from the current situation, the auto industry's downturn also need relevant policies to boost." National Information Center of information resources development department director Xu Changming told the Shanghai securities news. From the China automobile industry association data show, in April this year, China's car sales 1624400, a decline of 11.7%, and before April, overall sales were1.3% lower than a year before.

In the old for the new, the implementation of the new deal on a range of cars (such as the choice of specific types of models, specific target such as the car ) the implementation of replacement, promoting city taxi upgrading and standard yellow cars eliminated.

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