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* * the dutiful son around the" moved China to assist its father"

The new bulletin news as" Nanfang Daily" report, last year, a" Taiwan filial hold mother medical" picture touched thousands of users. Recently, a" Continental dutiful son around the old father to sleep" photograph of the same touched thousands of users. Many netizens said that " there is a moment of being hit by, and another thread" blessing" the father and son safe life"!

The reporter the inquiry found, this causes netizen heat to discuss the photo is the first user @ not Wujing on May 28th at twenty-one eighteen in the micro-blog release, then by the majority of users have been forwarded and comments. Many media through the official micro-blog were forwarded by the star, the forwarding, caused more extensive echo.

In the picture, a man quietly around his bed, put his bag on the legs, to his father as a pillow, they stood in front of big baggage, may be the father was just from the home to the city, to visit the missing son, could not bear to the weary journey, on the son's leg sleep up, and the son is still around his father, seems to bear the tired old general, the warmth of the scene is very touching.

According to the @ not Wujing introduction, the pictures taken in Shanghai * *, also be this warmth deep move. " As often seen around his girlfriend in bed, also seen around the child to sleep. See around the old father go to bed, or for the first time!" The child was also affectionately known as" * * the dutiful son".

Many netizens to"! * * the dutiful son" topic forwarding the picture, the flower is @ snow Bo is more praise this is a" moved China " photo. More users have the thread to express wishes," happy father health safety! To study the dutiful son!"

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